Biolan Greywater Filter Basic


• a purifier for small amount of washing water
• capacity about 250 litres a day
• to be installed above ground
• ecological filter material
• can be used even in winter
Biolan Greywater Filter Basic is a grey wastewater purifier especially designed for leisure homes and saunas. Small volumes of wastewater from washing and saunas can be conducted to the filter unit. Greywater Filter Basic is in-stalled above the ground. Wastewater is led directly to the filter unit either by gravity or by pumping. The treatment capacity of the filter unit is about 250 litres per day.
The operation of the filter is based on the mechanical and biological filtration of wastewater. Organic filter material, to which the dirt in the wastewater sticks, is used in the filter. The micro-organisms living on the surface of the filter material use the impurities as their nutrition.
Biolan Greywaterfilter Basic consists of five filter boxes placed one on top of the other. The wastewater is conducted into the uppermost filter box. Inside the filter, the wastewater flows by gravitation from one filter layer to the other through the openings in the end of the box.

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• dimensions (width x height x depth): 600 x 700 x 1010 mm
• pipe connectors: for Ø 75 sewer pipes
• height difference of inlet and outlet connectors: 530 mm (height of fall)
• capacity: about 250 litres a day
• weight without the filter material: about 38 kg

Weight 59 kg
Dimensions 110 × 100 × 85 cm
Country of origin
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