Biolan Composting Toilet eco


• composts the solid waste and household biowaste
• thermally insulated construction helps to compost faster
• convenient and odourless emptying
• long emptying interval
• comes with ventilation set and canister for seep liquid
Biolan Composting Toileteco is hygienic and environmentally friendly. Effective thermal insulation and the channel supplying air to the centre of the compost mass help to ensure a quick composting process. No water or power supply is needed. Composting Toileteco is also suited for composting kitchen biowaste. Emptying is easy through the hatch at the lower part of the unit. You can use the
compost as cover soil or for fertilising decorative plants in your garden.



• Volume about: 200 litres
• Bottom area: 54 x 54 cm
• Seat top area: 65 x 65 cm
• Height: about 97 cm
• Weight: about 24 kg
• Drain pipe: Ø 32 mm
• Ventilation pipe: Ø 75 mm
• Volume of the seep liquid canister: 25 l
• Colour: dark grey

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 65 × 66 × 107 cm
Country of origin
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