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  • Biolan Mosspellets 48pcs 7.56

    Biolan Moss Pellets are limed and fertilised substrate made of live peat moss. They are intended for germination of seeds. Simply add water and the seeds. The moss pellets are 100% sphagnum moss, and they have not been coated with any material. Ideal for Biolan’s Minigreenhouses, for example.

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  • Biolan Mini Greenhouse with Mosspellets 36 pcs 14.21

    Biolan seed germination kit is perfect for growing your seedlings.

    • includes 36 sphagnum moss pellets and a mini indoor greenhouse.
    • the lid of our pellet propagator is structured for ventilation at the seedling stage.
    • our sphagnum moss pellets are uncoated, allowing seedlings to root more firmly.

    Biolan pellets are great alternative for peat moss and coco coir pellets as they are made of 100% sphagnum moss. Togeteher with this small greenhouse, they help you to achieve healthy seedlings quickly and easily.

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